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Tao Yuan International Airport, Taiwan → Ivy Bride → Meal → Try on the gowns → One to one meeting with photographer and make-up stylist → Hotel check-in → Sweet dreams

◆ Reminders ◆
* Try on the gowns and communication with photographer and stylist will take approximately 2-3 hours.
* Selected gowns will be immediately tailored to modify to fit your body until we achieve the best fitting.
* Groom's suit、white shirt will be selected in Ivy Bride's corresponding Professional Suit Company.
* Do not consume too much water the night before photo shooting in prevention of puffy eyes the next day.
* Have a good night sleep and get sufficient nourishment for a beautiful day ahead.
* If carrying valuables, please safe keep in order to avoid loss of belongings.

Breakfast → First styling at Ivy Bride → Joyful photo shooting journey → Ivy Bride Studio → Hotel

◆ Reminders ◆
* Keep hair clean and do not apply any hair styling product or oil on your hair.
* You may apply moisturizer or lotion to your face, our stylist will do the make-up when you arrive in IVY Bride.
* Man: shave and clean nostril hair,Female: shave armpits.
* If you would like to remove make-up immediately after completed photo shooting, please bring make-up remover.
* To ease changing gown, please wear button clothing.
* You may bring along a water bottle with straw to prevent lipstick from smudging during outdoor journey.
* The most important thing is to bring a relaxing and delight mood to enjoy the happy photo shooting journey.

Reach Ivy Bride at afternoon for photo selection → Enjoying a leisurely stroll in Taipei city and the delicious food of Taiwan

◆ Warm Service ◆
˙ Selecting photos will take approximately 2 to 4 hours. If the time permits, we will start producing the enlarge photo for you to take home personally.

You are encouraged to make confirmation of the photo shoot date within 3-12 months to ensure sufficient time to arrange photographer schedule and the ease of accommodation booking.

You are always welcome to communicate with our friendly service consultant via e-mail, Skype, whatsApp or whichever convenient to discuss on relevant arrangements and photo shoot related matters.

To be able to fully grasp the style and feeling of your preference, you are encouraged to gather picture examples on hairdo, make-up, photography style, location, and etc. You can email the related findings to your service consultant before the photo shoot session and also save the files an USB to share with our photographer and stylist during the one to one session in Ivy Bride; we strive to create a memorable experience for you.

Bride and grooms whom are wearing glasses are advised to prepare either a frame without glasses or contact lens due to the reflection while photo shooting .

Please confirm your round-trip airfare, Taiwan visa, passport and other related documents before departure. Passports must be valid for at least six months or more (calculated from the starting date) before departure.

Three days before the photo shooting, please apply moisturizing mask to enhance skin for a glowing complexion for best result after make-up.

Bridegrooms are advice to have a haircut a week before photo shooting.

Important notes on things to bring:

* Female:
Please bring a pair of beautiful high heels shoe (white, silver, gold or champagne), clean casual loafers or sandals or sneakers (for outdoor location shooting) , shirts or dresses, strapless undergarment or a nude bra( If you have difficulty buying one, you can purchase a good quality nude bra in Ivy Bride for NT$ 2500), white or nude shade security underpants (if there is a selection for short or high split gowns), waist tummy corset (optional), personal preference accessories or clothing.
* Male:
Please bring a pair of  black leather shoes, clean casual shoes or sandals or sneakers, a pair of dark colored and white socks, a few long-sleeved shirts of different style and color or T-Shirt ( more than 2 sets), casual suits or other clothing, personal preference accessories such as hats, neckties, sunglasses and etc.
* You may also bring a commemorative doll, or any props of which may be value to both of you.

Personalized props can create a unique atmosphere for the wedding photography. Example:

1. Memorable items of special significance: a wedding ring, doll, love letters, photos, etc.
2. Items in associated to interests or career-related items: musical instruments, clothing, models, dolls, uniforms, etc.


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